VIRAL: Maroon 5 Crashed Real Weddings For a Surprise-Filled Music Video

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For the latest Maroon 5 music video, the guys teamed up with Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin to crash real weddings, surprising couples with performances of their song “Sugar.”

At the start, Adam Levine explains, “We’re gonna drive across LA and hit every wedding we possibly can.” They filmed the video December 6 last year, and for each stop, the band hid behind a white sheet. There was a big reveal at each wedding, and every couple reacted differently — a bride even yelled, “What the F?!” from her excitement, lols.

Adam said “It was an out-of-body experience. I had no idea I would be affected by the overwhelming reactions we received from the couples and guests. Being able to create an unforgettable experience for several people was the highlight of it all.” So how, exactly, did they pull it off? A rep for Maroon 5 told ET that the grooms knew about the performance, saying, “However they disclosed it to their bride and the wedding party, we’re not sure, but they all wanted it to be as equally a surprise as we did.”

A rep for Maroon 5 explained that the grooms for each wedding knew about it, they just don’t want to tell their brides. That’s how Maroon 5 pulled it off to a successful shoot for the music video of Sugar.

I’m pretty sure the newlyweds and their wedding-goers were left smiling all day, and… Best video ever!!

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