Musuan Peak, Bukidnon

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Musuan Peak or Mount Musuan, also known as Mount Calayo (Fire Mountain) is an active volcano located Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines.

With no indication of it exploding anytime, it became a favorite hiking destination among the students (of the nearby Central Mindanao University), locals and travelers, usually to study nature, have picnics and sight seeing as well. Locals finds it as a place to relax, unwind and feel what it is to be with mother nature.




Persuaded by my cousins from Valencia, we agreed to climb the mountain which that time I didn’t know it is an active volcano. I really thought it was just normal mountain like the ones we have in Cebu.

The climb was pretty tiring but you will earn your reward when you arrive at the peak, a bottle of Coke 🙂 sold by the security personnels guarding a telecom tower there. No, not the bottle of Coke but the view on top where you can see the countryside, the huge Pulangi river, the Central Mindanao University and the other mountains surrounding the province.



Also you can enjoy Mt. Musuan’s fresh dairy products made from carabao’s milk to quench your thirst.


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