Mangasang Falls, Tagba-o Cebu City

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Tagba-o, a small and isolated mountain barangay in Cebu City, is blessed to have one of Cebu City’s natural tourist spots, the “Mangasang Falls”.

If you like to get away from stress, busy life, noisy streets and heavy traffic of our city, you might want to consider going Mangasang Falls, bring your family and friends and get refreshed on cold freshwater. Travelling there could take about an hour using habal-habal(Motorcycle taxi) from JY Lahug.

It’s a quite place where you can feel to be with mother nature and enjoy some adventures as well like river trekking while still on the way to the falls. As you arrive you can enjoy diving too, that is, if you’re not afraid of heights. It’s only about 22ft high but I have never tried it even once as I don’t have the balls to do so. Also, if you swim and dive beneath the falls, there is a little chamber there under the rock where you can hide and breath, may be two heads can fit in.

The falls is free for all, doesn’t have any entrance fee. The place is not developed in any way so its beauty is all natural, surrounded with green trees and cliffs on both sides which keeps the water cold as the sun only hits the water during noon.

There is a smaller falls on top of it as well where 4 people can squeeze-in and hide (and breath) beneath the falling water.

Actually I was born and raised in Tagba-o that’s why I know those stuffs. When we were kids, my friends and I usually went there to play, swim and just have fun.

For a sneak peek, here’s a video I found on Youtube which was posted last summer.

Mangasang Falls was also featured in Abs-cbn’s “MagTV Na” TV program.

There was also a Myth on how the falls was made, my gramps told me that many times when I was a kid but I forgot its details already. It’s just a story used scare children but I guess its fine to put it here as well. I’ll just update this post whenever I can ask my gramps about it.

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